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Running rich can cause a loss in power, while running too lean may result in serious engine damage. The 4-Channel Wideband UEGO controller is ideal for anyone using an engine management system or data logger to monitor individual cylinder AFR in an effort to maximize engine power where individual cylinder trims are needed. The kit has both V and CAN outputs for integration with any engine management or data system, and features optional exhaust backpressure compensation. The unit features a shock and weatherproof housing, allowing it to be mounted virtually anywhere in the vehicle without worry. Stainless steel bungs, specially designed for use in individual port applications, feature a finned design to reduce sensor body temperature and minimize exhaust port restriction. The bung is specifically designed so the sensor can provide accurate AFR readings with minimal flow intrusion and survive extreme exhaust gas temperatures. Free air calibration requires the sensor to sit in free-air, heated for at least two minutes, and most importantly maintaining consistent battery voltage. Each Bosch sensor is accurate to 0.

Hp tuners aem wideband hookup

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Page 9 Transmission Control! Page 5 1 Terminator LS! Simply bolt it on, feed it a few basic answers and let Terminator EFI take control of your ride! Easy to install No computer experience required Hand-held included Simple multiple choice set-up wizard Self-tunes while you drive Upgradeable to complete laptop control without buying another ECU Easy-to-use EFI from the fuel systems experts!

Austin Dillon s name, likeness, signature and the AD stylized logo are registered trademarks of Austin Dillon. The Dow Chemical Company. Trademark of the Dow Chemical Company or an affiliated company of Dow. Now you just get in and go just like a new car! The drivability and off angle performance is unbelievable compared to my carb.

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First off let me tell you that I have resisted the urge to make this post for quite sometime now. I know that it will be coolly received, scoffed at, and just plain flamed. But a couple things have transpired recently which are finally going to get the project started. Remember as a general rule the higher the octane number the slower the flame kernel travels.

The slower flame kernel issue, as compared to gasoline, is somewhat negated by high compression. Just as diesel is not combustible at the compression levels we run in gas engines diesel’s usually run in excess of

There are generic offset numbers for specific widebands, but they aren’t always right for your specific vehicle setup. I’ve been saying for years that a large percentage of analog widebands are not logging properly because of the voltage and ground issues. You really have to figure out exactly what voltage offsets get what your wideband is reading to match what the scanner is logging. Going to one of the new CAN based widebands completely eliminates all of that.

If you really want accurate wideband info for easy tuning, ditch the analog setup. What can bus widebands are available? Only one I know of is the AEM Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk , I used the same ground strap as the ecu both times. I hear what your saying anything to eliminate problems and make the process easier and more accurate im all for it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk , Lambda occurs at

Adding Wideband to HPTuners

Rear subframe and Diff Mount bushings are Delrin. Center switch panel has switches for the ignition, fuel pump, electric fan, interior lights and an extra, all labeled. It also has the starter button, which is very satisfying to push. All switches and circuits are fused and relayed properly and tucked under the dash out of sight. The ECU for the engine is mounted and secure in the passenger side kick panel area.

There is a major advantage to using this technology vs. Please read the weblink if you would like to know more their wideband technology. The wideband installation is simple if you have a basic set of tools and a drill. All you are required to do is hook up the power and ground leads, mount the gauge, drill a hole in the firewall and run the wideband sensor wire into the engine compartment. Then have a local exhaust shop weld in a bung for the WO2. They are same as regular O2 bungs and can be ordered from my shopping cart site.

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You’re giving away all your secrets Emissions inspections Possible solution – high flow cat. I have a “Solo” brand high flow. Any chance you can finish your kit design along these lines? Again, thanks for putting the research time into our cars. I for one am very appreciative of the effort.

The AQ-1 Data Logger is the affordable, easy to install and easy to use way to acquire dynamic, accurate, vehicle data. The AQ-1 installs and sets up quickly, and reads live parameters from ancillary Every DryFlow filter is engineered to exceed the engine’s normal airflow requirement. The Short Ram system installs easily under the hood, and on some applications outperforms the longer cold air design. The Dual Chamber Air Intake system uses a patented design that creates multiple frequency sound waves in the intake tube to charge the cylinders with more air.

These systems typically make even Engineered to be durable and deliver the maximum in airflow and filtration to heavy-duty diesel engines. Helps diesel engines burn fuel more efficiently and may help reduce exhaust gas Get more horsepower with a sporty sound, from a bolt-on system that maintains factory pipe routing and clearances.

Installing A Wideband Data-Logger In A Ford Mustang – Power Hangs In The Balance

So much so that when they began supporting a few Ford vehicles no one really noticed. The initial Ford release was missing a few parameters that I personally feel should have been included, but HP Tuners did listen to the community and has updated their software to include the missing parameters. HPT now has a quality product for tuning your Ford Mustang!

Follow along as I give you a crash course on how to tune your own Mustang with basic bolt-ons. Our project car is a Mustang GT with a 5 speed manual transmission.

Not too hard to use, good support, and a wealth of info on their forum. If you were going in for a single tune and unlikely to ever do more I’d say your better off just having it tuned and be done with it. But as things progress, I will eventually boost the goat. Right now I’m still getting adjusted to RWD and taking my time to refurbish this car after the previous owner neglected it.

I see HPTuners has the AutoTune feature, I’m a big believer in automation so that’s definitely a plus and means you can tune on the street easier. Do you have to buy some sort of “license” per car with HPTuners? Because if not, then making some coin on the side could be of interest for me. For one, that intake is pretty crap and it’s probably not worth it for the money you paid for it. There are other equally priced pieces that will benefit you more.

Also, there’s no reason to get 2 widebands, 1 is enough. You can buy the regular version of hpt and just jump on the dyno for a few hours and use that and the supplied wideband for tuning. HPTuners should come with 8 credits when you purchase it.

AEM Infinity Coyote Standalone ECU is a Plug-N-Play for Any Engine Combo

This FAQ was carefully revised by me and Halfcent. This was meant to get straight to the point and to the answer and as much as possible not to sound biased, negative or demeaning to the reader. This was about 3 days of compiling, revising, re-reading and correcting grammatically. We hope you can learn from this and have a better understanding afterwards. Is it better to build a turbo kit piece by piece or to go ahead and get a kit that comes with everything?

Transcription 1 Application Note: Information in this document has not been verified. Use at your own risk. Incorrectly Adjusting the Electronic fuel injection system can cause severe engine damage. The author assumes no liability for any damages associated with the use of this information. It is not intended as an installation manual for the Innovate Motorsports equipment, but as a tutorial for interfacing that equipment with the Xcal 2.

Please refer to manufacturer s manuals for details, warnings, and other specific information. Parts Needed To set up your data logging system, you will need the following pieces:

Autometer Sport Comp Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge – Street-3379

By Don Creason June 23, Chemical intercooling has become increasingly popular as a method of reducing the intake air temperature and adding octane on forced induction vehicles. With the horsepower of our Project Wild E Coyote ever climbing, we decided to install and test this controller and see just what kind of a difference it could make in our intake air temperatures. Why Chemical Intercooling A byproduct of forced induction and the compressing of air is the heat that is generated during this process.

Management of this heat can be done in a variety of ways, the most common way being to intercool the boost. Intercooling is typically done by an air-to-air or air-to-water system. Since traditional intercoolers rely on surface area to cool the compressed air charge, they are limited by the size that can fit within a specific application.

Evo X MR Part 1: Primary wiring AEM is a confusing company, as they send a lot of what you don’t need a lot of and not enough of what you actually need a lot of. They sent a spaghetti of wires that I will now help you organize through. The kit comes with two harnesses, one going to the Bosch O2 sensor and the other responsible for power and other good stuff. For now, pick up the harness responsible for powering the unit the one without anything at the end but wires. This is what you will be looking at: Good news, you only need TWO wires from all that and here’s a quick look-over at what each wire does: Red- Power wire, basically this feeds power to the gauge Black- Ground wire, connect to a ground source will show in a bit Gray- Connects to the dash light fuse to dim the display.

We will NOT be using this because our car’s dash is always ON, meaning the display will always be dimmed. You could connect this to the headlight switch instead in theory but I have not yet tested this. Blue – Does the failsafe Voodo. You could hook this up while working the wiring, but in this part we will be only concerned with two wires. Brown- Not sure of what this wire does but we will NOT be needing this.

Tested: AEM’s new X-Series OBDII Wideband w/HP Tuners on C700 ‘Vette

This FAQ was carefully revised by me and Halfcent. This was meant to get straight to the point and to the answer and as much as possible not to sound biased, negative or demeaning to the reader. This was about 3 days of compiling, revising, re-reading and correcting grammatically. We hope you can learn from this and have a better understanding afterwards. Is it better to build a turbo kit piece by piece or to go ahead and get a kit that comes with everything?

This is actually really up to the car owner.

HP tuners, 2-bar OS question Quote: Originally Posted by Boosted6 View Post I’ve been doing a great deal of researching and tuning my ve tables lately. There’s some great rightups on the hp forum. Are you going to be running speed density? I’ve found that I’m doing a majority of my tuning through the ve table and I’m far less concerned about boost enrich. With the 2 bar you can tune any rpm at any map pressure and you can gradually richen up your mixtures as you come into boost pressures.

The easiest way to do this is by logging your wideband and creating a histogram for error percentage because then you can overlay and multiply by percent. There’s a great article on how to hookup your wideband through your egr and setup the correct histograms. You are using a wideband correct? I’ll see if I can find the links for you later today. After four days of working on it, I came to a point thats good enough for now.

I richened up the VE table from kPa and up, tried to make a nice curve that fit the original table. Whenever I got to tune for the fuel trims, the fuel trims were all perfect from the stock tune. I even turned off all the possible ways the computer could learn fuel trims!

HP Tuners “Standard Edition” wideband O2 install

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