How to record shows when using ROKU, Netflix etc?

How do I record TV shows? May 20, I get all the network broadcast channels in HD. But DVRs have me befuddled. Do you have a recommendation for a DVR without a subscription what exactly are you subscribing to that can work with an antenna? Do Tivos require a subscription? There don’t seem to be a lot of other brands, and most seem to expect a cable box. A lot of things seem geared towards surveillance or streaming the video over the internet; I just want to watch the shows later on my TV. I’ve also seen DVD recorders for sale, but that just seems kind of antiquated.

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I have doubled checked and the compusa price is without rebates for the older lower recording models. I’d like to be able to just turn it on and record without signing up. Originally Posted by johnny quest but the Tivo to Go feature allowing transfer of shows requires subscription I believe. Darn thats a shame – seems like a great feature but I don’t think I want to pay for it. Originally Posted by johnny quest Series 2 is hackable, see www.

If you’re going to hook up the TiVo with a VCR, additional cords will be necessary. With a little double checking you should be good to go. Now you can sit and watch all of the shows you missed while at work.

To make matters worse, TiVo runs 24×7. So the hard drive gets used non-stop and never goes to sleep. For that reason, most TiVo problem is related to hard drive failure. List of tell-tale signs of hard drive failure include pixelation, frequent reboots and loud noise coming from your TiVo. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, there is a good chance that your hard drive has some kind of problem and it a good idea to replace or upgrade your TiVo drive. Of course, that’s not the only reason to upgrade your TiVo.

Most people upgrade because they need more recording space since factory drive that comes with TiVo is not big enough for most people.

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In software prior to 5. Guaranteed recordings will never be automatically deleted you must delete them manually. Individual recordings will be saved for two days, but their expiration may be extended at scheduling time. A “manual recording” may also be used to record a single show see Manual recordings. Repeatedly record a show appearing on a specific channel at a specific timeslot Yes, a “show-based Replay Channel”; will still record the show if the timeslot changes assuming no conflicts ; can specify which days of the week to record on see Repeat types ; can specify the number of shows to keep in the Channel at any time.

The TiVo Roamio DVR records up to 6 shows at once and 3, hours. Watch live and recorded TV anywhere, at any time. Works with your cable or HD antenna.

January 15, at 9: I have had one of the inexpensive generic boxes and one ViewTV and they do seem to required a powered USB hub or similar for the memory sticks. The generic one came set to power an antenna through the coax. It took a bit to figure out why it was getting hot. Its manual was almost useless. The ViewTV also had a normal size remote.

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Play media Around the Corner In the United States, the Nielsen ratings system measures audience viewership of television programs, and provides a way for television broadcasters to determine how popular their television shows are, so that they can decide what rates to charge advertisers for air time. For each hour in a broadcast day, advertisements take up a fairly large portion of the time.

Commercial breaks have become longer.

Is there a diagram for hooking up a cable box,, tivo, a vcr and a dvd player to my samsung 42″ plasma tv? is there a diagram for hooking up a cable box,, tivo, a vcr and a dvd player to my samsung 42″ plasma tv? I believe the cable box connects to Tivo/DVR and then Tivo/DVR connects to the TV. I also need to hook up a DVD player and VCR.

The remote may not be in TV mode. On the remote control, press the TV button once, then press the Power button once. The TV turns ON. Remote will not turn on the TV. Possible Problems The remote does not have a direct line of sight to the cable box. The angle between the remote and the cable box is too large. Remove obstacles between the remote and the cable box. Stand in front of the cable box and not too far to either side.

The range of the remote control is roughly 15 feet, via direct line of sight to the cable box. Remote will not change channels or turn on the TV. Possible Problems Batteries may be depleted. Resolutions Try this quick test: Press the Power button on the front of the cable box. Remote is lost or damaged and is no longer working.

How do you hook up a recordable DVD player to a DVR to record?

Riddle me this, Batman. How many Comcast cable techs does it take to install a TiVo? I have so far had three appointments that have been unsuccessful in one way or another. The installer showed up for the appointment around

Series2 ST Hookup: Antenna/Basic Cable and VCR. Printable View «Go BackGo Back.

Back when the set top boxes had the dial-pads on the actual box, and the movie channels were in the single digits, problems that we have now didn’t seem to exist. For over 20 years, my father has held the gold package, which entitles viewers to select from various movie channels, usually premiering new releases and notable titles. I must admit, once the network switched to digital, the channels from to seemed to have an endless selection of movies to choose from.

Some channels were designated to air the new releases, and others were genre specific, which was beneficial for just about everyone. As time passed, more channels in the s disappeared, and the selections became very limited. Overall, the selection of movies has decreased, as well as the number of movie channels that are now in the s. The amount of money spent a month, multiplied by the number of years of spending the extra money for these channels simply do not add up.

To make matters worse, once my father finally updated his television as a Father’s day present to HD, he was told by a Cablevision rep at the store, that HD – DVR cable boxes with HDMI cables are no longer manufactured, and sent him home with an “HD” box, the wrong cables, and incompatible with his new tv. This is unfair to those who are only interested in the basic channels, most often used to keep updated on the news.

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This guide assumes that the DCT and VCR will be connected via the same coaxial connection and sharing a single coaxial connection Channel 3. Channel 4 in Edmonton on the television set. To make the correct connections, please follow these steps: Note the center pin and threaded screw-on connector. To properly use this configuration, please confirm that all components are powered on and that the TV and VCR are currently set to channel 3 channel 4 in Edmonton.

Setting both the VCR and television to channel 3 will allow both to view the picture from the box.

How to Set up my TiVo HD or TiVo HD XL DVR. Printable View «Go BackGo Back.

We provide a complete media solution for your new or existing home or office. In-Home Consultation Consultation is the central part of our system-design process. We will digest your vision, inspect your house, and together, we will select and install the products that fit your wishes. With our knowledge and experience, we are able to listen to your thoughts, and design an easy to use system that you are comfortable with using on a daily basis.

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We will not leave your home until your components are performing at their optimum level, which includes programming and calibrating system for best possible performance. User training is included with all our video installation services. When feasible, we will run cables through back walls.

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Your old videos will have color bleed, white specks, and other distortions. Don’t risk this happening to your home video collection! This powerful and effortless video conversion solution is the answer.

CONNECTING TO THE TIVO SERVICE: Set up either a network connection (recommended) or phone connection from the DVR to the TiVo Service using one of the following methods. Wired network connection: TiVo HD DVRs have a built-in Ethernet port.

February 10, For those of you who are unaware of what Slingbox does, let me give you a quick description: So the real question is… Which is Better? Some users even use both devices because of this. Better streaming quality in low bandwidth situations. Slingbox has been around for years and has spent a lot of time tweaking their products to work in a variety of different situations and Internet connection speeds. Slingbox Cons You can only stream content. There is no option to download to view offline.

It ties up the TV at home while in use. You have to pay for the mobile Apps. This has always bugged me. They even charge separately for the iPhone and iPad versions.

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With this I was able to receive HD broadcasts for stations available on the “basic extended” tier from my cable provider. When my cable provider recently re-priced their services and offered a “digital starter” plan for the same monthly rate as my current service, I switched to their digital offer because certain programs that previously were available on my current tier were moved to the low-end digital tier.

Since the digital converter was installed for my new digital starter service, I no longer am able to receive the HD broadcasts from stations that are available on the digital starter tier. When I asked the cable provider about this, they said I would need an HD converter to receive those broadcasts rather than “free” digital converter they provided with my new service. Of course, the cable provider gladly will replace my free digital converter for an HD converter Can HD converters or tuners be purchased at retail stores that are compatible with and can be used instead of renting the HD converters the cable company wants to provide?

Feb 24,  · This lets TiVo know to accept a recording from the RCA inputs into the TiVo. Once you have done this hook up the VCR to the RCA inputs on the TiVo, set up a manual recording on one of the satellite channels, and start playing the VCR tape when the TiVo starts recording.

Are you saying that the cable box must be on channel 3 while I am recording? The cable box controls what channels you view. The VCR must stay on channel 3 at all times to be able to record. Or does this mean that the VCR will go ahead and record whatever channel I have programmed it for as long as the box and VCR are set to channel 3? If the VCR is set to channel 3 it will record whatever channel you have the cable box set for, for example Channel If you set your VCR to Channel 15 and record it will record nothing.

If you have the VCR set for Channel 3 and the cable box for Channel 15 then it will record that channel correctly. If you are recording something with a VCR or DVD recorder the ability to watch one channel while recording another is not available through the cable box. Using an switch will allow you to only view channels , the Limited Basic channels that do not require a cable box at this time.

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The presence of a new Samsung TV, or even an older one with a tube screen, might raise some concerns about properly hook it up. This is a series of three jacks grouped together and color marked yellow, red and white. The yellow outlet controls the video signal, the red outlet controls the right-hand audio signal and the white outlet controls the left-hand audio signal. There will probably be more than one set of RCA jacks.

Connecting TiVo to VCR. gill51 Posts: Forum Member. Connect Tivo to Scart in and VCR out to TV via a Scart lead. If the TV doesn’t have a Scart point then you’ll need a Scart/HDMI connector. I forgot to add remember you have to set your TV source to Aux or whatever best suits if it doesn’t pick the VCR up automatically. 0. gill

See TV evolution pictures to learn more. In , a company changed the way people watch television. It promised its customers that they wouldn’t have to worry about television schedules or learn to program their VCRs. Instead, the company claimed that customers would be able to record shows — even entire seasons of shows — using a simple interface. Then they could watch the shows whenever they wanted. In this article, we’ll look at how the typical set works and the services TiVo provides.

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